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ESHRE RPL Patient Guideline

This booklet and the information presented are entirely-based on the ESHRE Guideline on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. All the information and recommendations in the guideline are build on the best available evidence from research. When there is insufficient evidence from research, a group of experts have formulated recommendations based on their clinical expertise. The experts also formulated areas of research to improve future clinical care for couples with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss.


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Validation of Next-Generation Sequencer for 24-Chromosome Aneuploidy Screening in Human Embryos
Kabir Sachdeva, Richard Discutido, Firas Albuz, Rawan Almekosh, and Braulio Peramo

Background: Next-GenerationSequencing (NGS)is the latest approach for preimplantation genetic diagnoses (PGD).
Aim: The purpose of this study was to standardize and validate an NGS method for comprehensive chromosome screening and to investigate its applicability to PGD.
Methods: Embryo biopsy, whole-genome amplification, array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH), and semiconductor sequencing were employed.

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