• Nicoletta Charolidi MSc, PhD

    Medical Copywriter and Subeditor for the Al Ain Fertility Center (AAFC)

    NicolettaCharolidi is the Medical Copywriter and Subeditor for the Al Ain Fertility Center (AAFC) and Reprogenetics, UAE. Dr.Charolidi is a UK-based, full-time postdoctoral scientist, with a particular interest in medical communications and public understanding of science.

    Dr.Charolidi graduated in 2002, with a BSc in Biochemistry with Neurosciences from the University of Kent in Canterbury, and a year later, obtained with Distinction an MSc in Molecular Life Sciences Research from King’s College London. Following this, she enrolled at Imperial College London, where she was awarded funding from the National Heart and Lung Foundation to study for her PhD. Dr.Charolidi studied the properties of arterial smooth muscle cells in relation to gap-junctional communication and was awarded her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Vascular Biology in 2008.

    Since then, Dr.Charolidi has performed postdoctoral medical research for the Institutes of Child Health within University College London, and of Cardiovascular and Cell Sciences within St George’s, University of London. Her latest project concentrates in first trimester pregnancy growth and placental vascular biology.

    Apart from publishing her own work in peer-reviewed journals, Dr.Charolidi is also a volunteer writer for scientific news addressed to specialist and non-specialist readers.